Florian Arnicans

Florian Arnicans’s musical journey began in Namibia, where he had his first cello lessons at the age of five and discovered his love and calling for music. After briefly attending the musical high school at Belvedere Palace in Weimar, the highly talented Florian began studying in the class of Prof. Böhme at the Franz Liszt College of Music in Weimar at the age of seventeen. After completing his degree with Prof. Johannes Goritzki at the Robert Schumann College of Music in Düsseldorf, he attended the soloists’ class of Prof. Patrick Demenga at the Conservatoire de Lausanne in Switzerland. He was then awarded the Max Jost Prize for obtaining his soloist’s diploma with distinction, and went on to study for his master’s diploma in chamber music with the renowned Guarneri Trio Prague, graduating with distinction in Lucerne.

Florian is at present much in demand as a soloist and chamber musician, and has performed with renowned orchestras and at music festivals such as the Lake Constance Festival (2013), the Bregenz Festival (2013) and the London Proms (2014).